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Belly Dancers of old...

I have discovered this old tape of some belly dances at an event way back. If you know the following people, they are the ones I can identify. I applogize in advance for the names , but I don't know everyone's aliases(nor do I know everyone's married names) so if you have issue with it, let me know and I'll edit the post.


Anne Livermore
Carol Livermore
Kathy Fey
Amy Johnson
Andi Buzby
Marianne Matulewitz
Lynne Channey
Kathy Journeay
Carol King
Randi LaMadeleine
Karen Hoffman
and yes a very young Owen (Dave Martin)


Wow! Black and White. Circa 1996, I think. *Maybe* 1997, but I think it's 1996.

Nifty. Haven't watched the whole thing, yet...


I'm almost sure this has to be 1998...

Given that:
I didn't start Realms until '97
I don't think I started dancing until LATE fall in '97 (at least after the Black & White)

I'm 90+% sure this is B&W'98...the last year we used the Springfield site.

-M.E- (Dave/Owen)
I don't recall the year but it is most definatley the springfield site at a B& W. That much I remember. Later in the tape there is a KoEF knighting and Kathy Fey has changed into a very un maktah-like black ball gown.


just saw this...

Hey Mike...it's Dave/Owen...

Yes, that's me in the video in perhaps my first ever public performace (since like 3rd grade). Any who, just wanted you to know that it's Karen Hoffman that I'm dancing with...not her younger sister Laura...though both are cute... ;)

It's Marianne Matulwicze (not that I can spell...let alone spell that)

This was what, Black & White '98...?



This just in...

I just had it pointed out to me that Randi LaMadeleine is also one of the dancers.
Yes, it was absolutely B&W in 1998 because I remember it was after Elizabeth's birth in 1997. Thank you so much for posting this! I enjoyed the trip down memory lane very much.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll keep it up for a while, and I may submit to Steve Johnson's Channel realms project for archiving. I hope you are well. We don't talk enough these days.


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